Latitude Longitude Picker

In this article, we are going to explain how to use the Lat/Long picker feature.  This feature makes selecting the correct latitude and longitude easy! 

Let's get started

Latitude Longitude Picker

Log in to your REALSTACK account. 

1. In the left side navigation menu select "Listings" then "View Listings". 

2. Find the listings you wish to edit and select the triple-line action menu on the right side of the listings table. 

3. When on the edit listing screen scroll down to the location section and select "Set Map Pin & Boundary/KML".

4. Verify that the pin is in the correct location and click "Save Map Pin & Boundary/KML". If the pin is in the incorrect location simply drag and drop the pin so it is in the correct location and click "Save Map Pin & Boundary/KML". 

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