Photos for Auto-Generated Brochures

Auto-generated brochures are an excellent way to get a quick and informational brochure to a client with ease. In order to have the most professional-looking brochure, REALSTACK has implemented a few photo rules and requirements for Brochures.

In order for photos to be displayed on the auto-generated brochures they must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and landscape orientation. Photos that do not meet these criteria will be skipped when the brochure is generated.

  2. To auto-generate a brochure, the listing must have 10 or more photos. Listings with less than 10 photos will not generate a brochure.

  3. The brochure generator will use the first 10 photos in the order they are for each listing. Make sure your first 10-12 photos are the ones you would like displayed in the brochure.

    If your photos do not meet the minimum requirements such as aspect ratio, orientation, or other photo validation rules they will be skipped in the brochure generation process. This could result in less than 10 photos being available for the brochure in some cases which will result in the brochure not auto-generating.

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