How to Embed a Map

Embed your interactive maps on your website. Land ID and TerraStride provide an embed script for each map that can be copied and pasted into your REALSTACK listing edit page.

Copy Your Land ID Embed Code

  1. Open the map in Land ID
  2. Click "Share Your Map"
  3. Select the embed tab
  4. Copy either the Branded or Unbranded code depending on preference

Your embed code should look like this:

<iframe width="100%" height="500px" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>

Copy Your TerraStride Embed Code

  1. Use the sharing button in the Map Tools
  2. From here, select the HTML code
  3. Copy this code

Embedding Code in REALSTACK

  1. Once you've copied the code, open your listing in REALSTACK
  2. Scroll until you see "Map Embed (Land ID or TerraStride)"

  3. Paste the embed code
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Go to your listing page and check that the map loads properly

Branded vs Unbranded

Land ID offers two options for map embed codes. One option is Branded and the other is Unbranded.

Branded links allow you to include contact information or a custom logo on your map. Unbranded links do not include your contact information or custom logo on the map. Both Branded and Unbranded links are accepted by the REALSTACK listing editor.


Here are some common issues users experience with map embeds in REALSTACK:

  1. REALSTACK error when saving listing
    1. You may have copied only the map URL rather than the embed code.
    2. The REALSTACK system should automatically update this URL to fit the embed code format, but if you receive this error, double-check to be sure you are pasting the entire embed code.

  2. "Map cannot be found" error on your listing page
    1. If you receive this error, you may have an old embed code.
    2. If you have deleted a map and then added a new one, you need to update the embed code in order to update the map on your website.
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