Website Project Stages


Planning facilitates laying the foundation of your entire project. In the Planning Stage, we establish the purpose, functions, and overall flow of your website and identify your target audience.

REALSTACK will work with you closely to gather assets and be ready for design! 


Design kicks off with a discussion of the design elements for the site, branding, color scheme, map elements, other visuals, and any additional add-ons as requested. The visual design representation of the website's layout will be provided during this stage for your review and approval. REALSTACK's goal is to create a site that lands your perfect clients and forever customers. 


Once approved by all parties, the visual design can transition into what is called the build stage where the actual site development begins. We combine the client's assets, team members, and other established assets to create the site you envisioned!


Once reviewed and approved, your site officially launches! The site is now live and searchable for all your potential clients to find you! 

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