Adding an Account

In this article, we will discuss the process of adding and managing an account in the REALSTACK app. An account in REALSTACK can be a business or organization that you deal with. This feature is useful to keep track of information about the business or organization and can also be linked to individual contacts.

Let's get started!

Adding a New Account 

1. Login into the REALSTACK app. 

2. On the left navigation menu find and click on “Accounts” then click “Add Account”.


3. Fill out the fields listed.


  1. Assigned To (required)
    1. This is the user who owns the account record in the database.  It will initially default to the user creating the account, but can be changed at any time to another user. 
  2.  Team View
    1. Determines if the other users on your team can view this account. It will default to the setting in your profile.  You may change it per listing on this form.

Once you have completed the entry of account information, click the SAVE button at the bottom of the form.

Managing Accounts

  1. Login to the REALSTACK app.
  2. On the left navigation menu find and click on “Accounts” then click “View Accounts”.


    3. The “Accounts” table keeps track of the deals you have created. 

    4. Use the search bar and drop downs to search and filter campaigns.

    1. Search
      1. Search accounts by name, city, state, or website. 
    2. Office
      1. Filter by specific office. 
    3. Users
      1. Filter by specific users.

   5. Use the triple action menu to quickly edit or delete a campaign. 

The Account feature in the REALSTACK app is a powerful tool that can help create and manage accounts. 

If you still need assistance with adding an account, contact

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