Listing Status Definitions

  1. Draft - listing is continuing to be edited or updated prior to publishing it for online display and marketing
  2. New Listing - recently published listing available for sale
  3. Available - general status for a listing available for sale
  4. Under Contract - listing is currently under a written contract with a buyer
  5. Sold - listing is sold after a new buyer takes ownership
  6. Other Brokerage - Property is being listed through an outside brokerage 
  7. Off Market - This property is no longer being listed for sale but could come back on the market or this status could be used for pocket listings for sellers who might be willing to sell. This listing will not display on your website.
  8. Prospective - This property is not currently listed on the market but may be in the future. This listing will not display on your website.
  9. Unavailable - This property is not for sale and will not be displayed on your website.
  10. Other - Any property that does not qualify for another status'.
  11. Preview - Creates a URL to preview what the listing would look like on the site without actually publishing the listing.

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