How to Reset a Password

In this article, we are going to explain the process of resetting your password within the REALSTACK application. This feature is necessary for ensuring that you have proper access to your account while maintaining security for all of your information. 

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Resetting Your Password

1. In the login screen, select the option labeled "Forgot Password?".


2. The next screen will have a box labeled, "Email Address". Enter your email address and select "Send Reset Password Link". 

3. Log in to your email account and find the email labeled "REALSTACK Password Reset". Click into this email and click the orange underlined text saying "Reset Password".

4. You will then be taken to another REALSTACK web page where you will be asked to input your email address and new password.


5. After you input your new password, make sure to save all of your information safely so that you have easy access to your account. 

If you still need assistance with resetting your password, contact

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