Updating Brokerage Information

In this article, we will be explaining the process of updating your brokerage information within the REALSTACK app. This is an important feature that allows your division's information to be up-to-date and accurate for your clients.

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Updating Your Brokerage Information

1. Login to the REALSTACK app using a Brokerage Admin account. 

2. In the top right corner of your Brokerage Admin account, select the icon with your name on it. From the drop-down menu, select "Brokerage".


3. Fill in the sections listed



1. Basic Information

This section includes all of your division's contact information and location-specific data. It is crucial to make sure that there are no mistakes in this section, as this information is displayed on your company's website for potential clients to see. 

2. About

The About section should include an explanation of your division that is appealing to clients. This can include company goals, mottos, or any other information that you feel is necessary to share. 

3. Settings

This section serves as a way for you to automatically create a comparable for all of your saved listings when the slider is on.

4. Approval Settings

The approval system grants the admin the ability to allow other admins to approve listings for your division. 

5. Deals

Under the deals section, you are given the opportunity to set default rates for your division. 

6. Logo

Insert your brokerage's logo here. The logo will be used on your auto-generated brochure and on your website. 

If you still need assistance with updating your brokerage information, contact support@realstack.com

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