In this article, we will be discussing our password requirements, how to update your password, and how to reset your password. 

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Password Requirements 

  1. New passwords must be 8 or more characters, contain 1 or more numbers, contain 1 or more capital letters, contain 1 or lower case letters, and contain 1 or more special characters.

How to Update Your Password

If you already know your password but you just want to update it you can follow these steps. 

  1. Login to your account on REALSTACK. 
  2. Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and in the drop-down menu select "My Profile". 
  3. In the top left of the screen under your name click "Reset Password".

   4. Fill out the fields and click "Save". 

How to Reset Your Password

If you have forgotten your password follow these steps to gain access to your account and reset your password.

  1. Go to and click "Login".

   2. On the login page click "Forgot Password". 

  3. Fill out your email address that is associated with your account and click "Send Password Reset Link"

  4. In a few minutes you will receive a password reset email that will link you to a password reset page. Once you have completed this form you will be able to log in using your newly created password. 

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