Listing Display Manager

Managing your listings just got easier with REALSTACK’s new Listings Display Manager. From one convenient screen, you can now select which listings will feed to, which listings will show up as featured on your homepage, and even listing status adjustments. We take pride in delivering efficient products that save our clients time and energy.


How To Access the Display Manager

  2. From the Side menu select Listings > Listing Display Manager


  1. Rotate Featured Listings

    1. A Featured Listing is a listing that will be displayed in the Featured section of the home page of your website. If this switch is toggled on, this listing will be in the rotation to be featured.
    2. Using the Listings Display Manager, you can see and easily swap which listings are seen as featured on your website without searching out each listing individually.

  1. Manage Website-Only Listings

    1. The Website-Only switch allows you to limit your listing to just your website when feeds other than are also set up. By toggling this switch, you prevent this listing from feeding.
    2. With the Listings Display Manager, you can easily adjust which listings are website only and which listings are allowed to feed to land websites.

  1. Manage Feed

    1. Select “Active” from the Status dropdown and “Yes” from the dropdown. The resulting screen gives you the current number of listings fed to in the bottom left corner of the table.
    2. You can quickly toggle listings on or off from that same screen as needed. This allows you to quickly adjust your listing number so you do not feed more than your allotted amount.

  1. Update the status of multiple listings

    1. Listing Status determines whether your listing is a Draft, a New Listing, Available, Under Contract, Sold, Other Brokerage, Off Market, Prospective, Unavailable, Preview, or Other.
    2. Now you can easily switch a listing from New Listing to Available, Draft to New Listing, Available to Sold, and more without having to go into each listing!

For questions or additional help, contact REALSTACK Support.

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