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In this article, we are going to explain how to turn on approvals within REALSTACK. Turning on approvals is a helpful tool that gives select members of your team the ability to approve listings to be published online.

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Listing Approval System for Brokerages and Offices

The approvals system can work at the Brokerage or office (office within a brokerage) level.  Below are scenarios that apply to most brokerage business structures and at which level you should set up approval settings.

1 - Brokerage only or Brokerage with 1 Office

If you are a brokerage that operates 1 office, then setting up the approvals system at the brokerage level is recommended. 

2 - Brokerage with Multiple Offices, but Brokerage Admin Manages all Listings

If you are a brokerage that operates multiple offices but the listing management is handled at the main Brokerage level, then set up the approvals system at the brokerage level is recommended.

3 - Brokerage with Multiple Offices and each Office Manages their Listings

If you are a brokerage that operates multiple offices and the listing management is handled by the broker or admin for an office, then you will want to set up the approvals system at the office level.  Users within an office(s) will need to have the user roles of Office Admin or Office User for this to work as intended.  You can update your users' roles by editing each user or contact RS support if need assistance changing user roles.

Requirements for Office Listing Approval Setup

If you are setting up the approval system for an office, you will need to make sure each office member has their user role set to "Office User" and each office broker/administrator has their user role set to "Office Admin".  Brokerage Admins can do this by going to your Users list screen and editing each user.

You will also need to confirm that the proper users are members of the intended office.

Turning on Approvals

Login to your REALSTACK user profile.  You must be a Brokerage Admin user role in RS in order to apply the approval settings.  The steps below apply to brokerages and offices interchangeably.  If you want to set up the approvals for your office, follow the same steps but just start with the office menu item in step one.

1. Click on your name in the top right corner and in the drop-down menu click "Brokerage". 

2. Scroll down until you see the box titled "Approval Settings".

3. Switch the approval system setting from OFF to ON. From here, you will need to select who you want to approve listings by sliding the OFF/ON switcher to the right of the user.  The only users available to approve listings must be in the role of Brokerage Admin or Office Admin.

4.  Click the save button at the bottom of the brokerage form.  You are all set to start using the listing approval system. 

For tips and tricks on utilizing this feature, please review our Using the Listing Approval System article.

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